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Aeroejecutivos, an airline from Venezuela, provides scheduled, tourist, and charter flights. For their scheduled flights, Aeroejecutivos uses a DC-3 aircraft, and leased aircraft including jet aircraft for their charter flights. With their exclusive use of D-3 aircraft for scheduled services, Aeroejecutivos is the only airline in Venezuela and one of the few in South America that uses classic aircraft for normal scheduled flights, according to Aeroejecutivos reviews.

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In our latest Aeroejecutivos reviews, we take a closer look into Aeroejecutivos, their official website, their main services and features, and what passengers think of their inflight experience. We hope that these Aeroejecutivos reviews help.

Background and History

Aeroejecutivos is a Venezuelan airline based and headquartered in Maiquetia, Vargas, Venezuela. The airline, with parent company Aeroejecutivos C.A., was founded on November 13, 2005. They operate from a hub at Simón Bolívar International Airport. However, currently according to Aeroejecutivos reviews, the situation of Aeroejecutivos is unclear. A number of the airline’s DC-3 aircraft are currently stored in Miami.

As of the most recent Aeroejecutivos reviews, Aeroejecutivos operates the following scheduled services: Los Roques Archipelago, once daily and twice during the high season; Maiquetia to El Yavi, Amazonas, once daily; and Maiquetia to Canaima, once daily. As mentioned, Aeroejecutivos has a fleet size of four flying to these three destinations.

What Users Have to Say

Unfortunately, there are little to no Aeroejecutivos reviews online from which to base our opinion on. In this case, we will rely on the general appearance of their official website to come up with our own Aeroejecutivos reviews.

On Shadow, 933 votes or Aeroejecutivos reviews gave the airline a 75% score. Aeroejecutivos was rated highly for their catering and entertainment, according to these Aeroejecutivos reviews.

Their Official Website, Main Services and Features, and Inflight Experience

We checked out their official website for these Aeroejecutivos reviews: it was simple and classic-looking. Featuring the flag of Venezuela and a number of tourist photographs, the site’s the starting point for discovering Aeroejecutivos.

Aeroejecutivos Reviews 2017 tourist destination

Other services of Aeroejecutivos, according to Aeroejecutivos reviews, are national and international aeroambulance, workshops, purchase and sale of aircraft and parts, advice and crew, among others. The team behind their aviation and their own cabin crew strive to make your experience with them satisfactory. Travel and tourism to popular tourist destinations are offered with Aeroejecutivos.

Aeroejecutivos Reviews 2017 passenger service

Aeroejecutivos wants to be with you to make your dream activities and fantasy trip come true. Whatever you have planned on your vacation or however you want to be treated onboard, Aeroejecutivos matches your needs with excellent service.

You can send a query straight to the airline from their official website. Further, Aeroejecutivos has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts you can follow.a

Contact Details:

  • Head Office Address: Maiquetia, Vargas, Venezuela

Concluding Words

Aeroejecutivos has been rated fairly well, based on Aeroejecutivos reviews. Though all we know about the airline are their background and history, as well as their basic services and what they offer onboard, Aeroejecutivos has a good reputation for pampering its passengers.

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