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China Southern Airlines Reviews 2017 brand icon“Fly your dreams” is the company slogan of China Southern Airlines, a carrier headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in China, one of the country’s largest airlines. In our latest China Southern Airlines reviews, we take a look into this airline, what are its different cabin classes, its company background and history, and what passengers think of their experience

Background and History

Historically, the airline was founded and  established on July 1, 1988. Along with Air China and China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines comprises China’s “Big Three” airlines. The massive China-headquartered airline has a fleet size of more than 700 aircraft including cargo airplanes, flying to 208 destinations with more than 2,000 daily flights. China Southern Airlines has a lot of focus cities in key places throughout China while its main hubs are located at Beijing Capital International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

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Reviews/What Users Have to Say

China Southern Airlines reviews vary between positive and negative on Airlinequality and Yelp which gave the airline 8/10 and ⅖ stars respectively. With some reviewers writing that they were a “horrible” airline with bad customer service, one of the recent China Southern Airlines reviews wrote “I did not enjoy the meal on board, but the crew are really nice and helpful. The environment on board was also satisfying and clean. I would also suggest an update of movie and music,” with another China Southern Airlines reviews saying “Service from the cabin crew was excellent. They were professional, polite and friendly. The flight was on time. Overall, the in-flight experience was good and comfortable. I would recommend this flight.”

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Overall, I think this flight would pass if they improve some of their inflight services, though their customer service is underrated and the experience exceeded expectations.

Their Official Website and Main Inflight Experience

As this is a Chinese airline, the China Southern Airlines official website is set in Chinese, though you can change the language at the upper right hand portion of the homepage.

The following are the different cabin classes at China Southern Airlines: First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class, which have the following services and features:First Class – On Boeing 787-8 aircraft, China Southern Airlines has a service called Experience Luxurious Skybed with, according to the China Southern Airlines reviews, personal privacy, in-built massage, a 17-inch personal television, and a fully reclining seat. On Airbus A330s and Boeing 777-300ERs, the seat can be turned into a fully flat bed and features a personal television.

Business Class – China Southern Airlines’ Business Class has a fully flat bed, an adjustable privacy divider, a USB port, reading light, and a 15-inch personal TV.

Premium Economy Class –  Premium Economy Class is more spacious than Economy Class at 35-37 inches.

Economy Class – This cabin class has a 9-inch TV and a multi-adjustable headrest.

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China Southern Airlines’ frequent flyer program, The Sky Pearl Club, is divided into these tiers: Sky Pearl Gold Card (SkyTeam Elite Plus), Sky Pearl Silver Card (SkyTeam Elite), and Sky Pearl Member Card. You can earn mileage with flights on China Southern Airlines, partner airlines, or with airlines included in the SkyTeam global network.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +86 40 0869 5539
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax: +86 20 8665 8984
  • Head Office Address: 2/F, 181 Huanshi West Road, Guangzhou, China

Concluding Words

China Southern Airlines’ service has been regarded rather negatively in reviews websites, though a closer look would reveal how great some of their flight experiences are. Despite antiquated entertainment or distasteful dining, their cabin crew service and cabin condition were pleasant. Flying with China Southern Airlines can work if you pack in an open outlook.

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