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Flying connects people with direct and connecting flights to points all over the world. Travellers find this experience liberating and an open book to learn the best way about the world and the varied cultures of the people in it.

Ruili Airlines offers flight services throughout China. China, one of the world’s most prominent countries, can be explored through flights with Ruili Airlines, from their people to places.

Our Ruili Airlines reviews take a closer look into this airline’s main services and features, their official website, and what passengers think of them.

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Background and History

Ruili Airlines is a low-cost airline based in China, offering domestic services to a number of destinations in northern and central China. The Chinese airline was founded in 2014 and received its air operator’s certificate on January 22, 2014. On May 18, 2014, Ruili Airlines launched their first service flying between Kunming and Mang City.

Ruili Airlines’ main base and hub is located at Kunming Changshui International Airport. As of February 2017, Ruili Airlines has a fleet of 6 Boeing 737-700 and 3 Boeing 737-800, flying to 23 destinations in China.

What Users Have to Say

The most recent Ruili Airlines reviews recounted her “unpleasant experience” with Ruili Airlines: “My recent trip from Shenyang to Qingdao wasn’t enjoyable at all. This was due to the fact the flight was delayed by 100 minutes. The boarding time was a regular one. We have been welcomed and took our seats. Everything seemed to go smoothly but with no apparent reason the pilot didn’t start the procedure for our taking off. We wondered what was going wrong since the weather was fine and all the other flights regularly took off. We weren’t given any explanation for that. In other words we had to spend one hour and forty minutes inside the aircraft with no AC on.”

This was the only Ruili Airlines reviews on TripAdvisor. She rated Ruili Airlines with average scores on customer service, inflight entertainment, and cabin condition. I think hers was a minor and rare issue, and that the airline may still be safe to use.

Their Website and Main Services and Features

On the official website, Ruili Airlines users can book their reservation or a flight+hotel. Other self-services they can accomplish online are verifying their ticket and checking in online.

Their site advertises or features recruitment, transport regulations, and emergency disposal plan onboard at the bottom part of the homepage. However, the website is slow and unresponsive, and despite being translatable is not easily understood and navigated.

Ruili Airlines offers “special products:” 33 city special offers, Tuesday Flash Fare, and Dehong Privilege.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: 400-005-9999
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 2771 on the 27 floor, Tele international hotel, Huancheng south road 39, Kunming, Yunnan 650041

Concluding Words

Chinese low-cost airline Ruili Airlines offers the most basic services, even special products and offers to keep customers flying with them. They manage to make travel possible despite challenges in the industry or the actual flight.

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