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Sudan Airways was established to provide air carrier services, but it was initially restricted to on-demand services. The birth of Sudan Airways in 1946 had an initial fleet of 4 de Havilland aircraft and made test flights in 1947. Sudan Airways operates from Khartoum International Airport. Sudan Airways Reviews-cabinTheir CEO since 2013 has been Mr. Abd Elmahmoud Suleiman Mohammed.

Today, we’ll be writing a review about the national airline of Sudan. Fasten your seatbelt and discover how Sudan Airways works. Though, to be honest, there’s not much information online or given about Sudan Airways. We were able to gather some of the things you might look into for reference.

The Website and Services

Sudan Airways Reviews-pageIf we are on the same page, yes, the official site doesn’t look so official at all: the web page is not modernized. Though it’s easy to navigate, it will still give travellers the impression that the online services are old and not maintained. To be honest, if I had a bond paper with me right now, I could sketch the whole website for you. We tried navigating and as expected, the site is not functioning well. Maybe the best thing to do is to just call the customer service number at the top right.

Though, we can see that the web page also provides aviation careers, which gives information regarding hiring and even offers trainings. There’s also a news section to learn the latest updates. But, when it comes to their onboard service: none, which is really frustrating.

Sudan Airways Reviews of Passengers

We tried checking online for Sudan Airways reviews, and there are not much: 3 from TripAdvisor and 1 on Airlinequality. But, to provide more accurate reference – since the other feedback are dated back in 2008 – on TripAdvisor, there’s a review posted 4 weeks ago but it has a 1/5 rating. What made it worse, it was a rant over the airline’s inefficiency.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:        
  • Contact Number:           +249 183 243 770 / 0-187-011-000
  • Contact Email:      
  • Fax Number:                   +249 183 243 723
  • Head Office Address:    161 Obied Khatim Street, Block 10 Ryadh, Khartoum, Sudan
                                               P.O Box: 253, South, Sudan


Judging through the facts we gathered online and researched about Sudan Airways, the flag carrier of Sudan needs a lot of improvement: like totally. If you would also check the news, the airline had already listed 15 accidents. Well, personally I won’t fly with Sudan Airways, but it seems like if you are there, you got no choice but to fly with them. I am hoping Sudan Airways will do something about this.

Have you flown with Sudan Airways? Feel free to share your story below.

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