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Vizion Air Reviews airplaneBelgium-based virtual charter airline Vizion Air traces its roots to its foundation in January 2013, with The Aviation Factory Group as their parent company. The airline advertises itself as the only “tailor-made boutique airline” that flies the routes and schedules at their passengers’ convenience. Whether customers are seeking to use small aircraft or wide-body jumbo jets, Vizion Air is present to help make your flight possible via air solutions that are tailor-made to perfectly match and suit your needs and flying preferences.

In these Vizion Air reviews, we take a closer look at the airline which makes charter flights possible to people in the Antwerp area and inspires them to shape the trip of their dreams.

More Information

Vizion Air is a charter airline that is based and headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium with their operating base located at Antwerp International Airport.

Vizion Air Reviews Founder

Vizion Air Founder Carl Legein

As of the most recent Vizion Air reviews, Vizion Air has a fleet of 1 Fokker 50 which seats 50 passengers, the aircraft of which are operated by VLM Airlines. Mr. Carl Legein, serial aviation entrepreneur and positivity engager, is a man with a vision and a mission, according to Vizion Air reviews, who with his team made some of the best initiatives in aviation most notably through his leadership of Vizion Air.

Their Website

Unfortunately, there are little to no Vizion Air reviews online from which to base our opinion on. In this case, we will rely on the general appearance of their official website to come up with our own Vizion Air reviews.

“The idea behind Vizion Air is strong: we do what we do best. Visualizing the invisible. Give added value to an existing service. Bringing back forgotten values and making aviation inspiring again. That is the reason why we’ve created the only tailor-made boutique airline for you: Vizion Air,” – is the introduction on Vizion Air’s company description on their official website.

Vizion Air Reviews kitVizion Air makes people’s flights special with their unique cabin treatment and their personalised touches that are designed around their passengers’ demands. A welcoming greeting awaits fliers from security screening and check-in, wherein people are served snacks, lunches, and three-course dinners on air, prepared by their premier chef. View more details about Vizion Air’s main inflight services, here in this link.

Vizion Air has social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Stay updated with your interests, new programs, competitions, specials by signing up to their newsletter, here; simply fill in your personal details.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:   +32 (0) 32 39 60 00
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Antwerp, Belgium


Vizion Air Reviews kitVizion Air doesn’t have much Vizion Air reviews about people’s experiences with their services, so we are left with their website to form our initial impressions. Based on our experience, I can say that Vizion Air is one of the most interesting and homey-looking charter airlines that’ll leave your flight expertly catered and you arriving at your destination fully satisfied.

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