Australia, The Land Down Under, has a lot to offer to the traveller other than the things that had put it on the map. Wildlife and miles of coastline or endless outback make them famous the world over, but tourists and locals know the adventure is just beginning when you experience some of Australia’s finest locations for yourself.

Photographing in the 5 great most photographed locations in Australia is a thrilling experience. Feel your way like a traveller finding his way around a foreign street through the elements of a place that make it photo worthy and which define it in the end:

1. Sydney Opera House

Without a doubt, the Sydney Opera House is the most famous building in all of Australia, giving us an initial impression of Sydney culture, people, and opera. You can shoot from the Sydney Harbour’s northern side. Those iconic ceramic sails lend the building its lasting appeal. The Sydney Opera House can be viewed any which way and still impress with its beauty. The fact that it’s a major cultural and architectural landmark makes your photoshoot even more meaningful.

5 Most Photographed Locations in Australia Sydney Opera House

2. Whitsunday Islands

This breathtaking slice of heaven on earth, made up of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and forming part of the Whitsunday National Park, is located near the Great Barrier Reef. Here, photographers can dabble in all kinds of nature and wildlife photography, as well as take their cameras with them underwater for some underwater photography.

5 Most Photographed Locations in Australia Whitsunday Islands

3. The Great Ocean Road

The drive along Australia’s southeastern coast doesn’t get any better than when done on the Great Ocean Road. Meandering from Melbourne to Adelaide, the tops of the cliffs afford you a view down to the bays and towns below, along as a great view of one of Australia’s standout attractions, the Twelve Apostles rock formation. Photographs from this vantage point or from Teddy’s Lookout will give you perfect shots of the rich scenery spread out before you.

5 Most Photographed Locations in Australia  The Great Ocean Road

4, The Blue Mountains

Rise above it all when you arrive at New South Wales’ the Blue Mountains. The place is a lush natural setting for your photographs. Gardens, rocky outcrops, and a very tall cliff give you something to work on to get that perfect shot in an otherworldly location. The colours playing in the Blue Mountains can enhance your photographs.

5 Most Photographed Locations in Australia Blue Mountains

5. Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu National Park has been connected with aboriginal people for thousands of years. However, the wild beauty of its ancient nature is no secret. Photographers will have a field day with Kakadu National Park’s variety of natural landforms, river and water systems, and lush landscapes. The scenery is fodder for photographers of all backgrounds to capture the shot of their dreams in one of Australia’s true outbacks.

5 Most Photographed Locations in Australia Kakadu National Park

Whether you’re visiting beaches or deserts or highways and much more, Australia is filled with scenic spots that are waiting to be discovered through your perspectives. As a photographer, learning a little more about these places can help you understand and get a well-rounded experience.

5 Most Photographed Locations in Australia

What can you say about our reviews on some great places in Australia for photographs? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!

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