CheapTickets is an online travel company that focuses on the leisure market. It offers airline tickets, hotel, vacation and car rentals, cruises, customized vacation packages and other travel deals. It was an owned subsidiary of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. With Expedia’s purchase of Orbitz, CheapTickets became a subsidiary of Expedia. This CheapTickets Reviews will give you an background on how the company started and the services it offers to customers.

About CheapTickets

In 1986, CheapTickets was founded by Michael and Sandra Hartley in Honolulu Hawaii when inter-island carrier Mid Pacific AIr gave 3000 tickets to Regency Media (an advertising firm), Hartley’s employer at that time, as payment for its services when the firm closed its branch in Honolulu. The tickets were advertised in classified ads, and in just two weeks all the tickets were sold out. After some time the company grew into an airline ticket consolidator, getting seats with low rates from different airlines and reselling them at fares lower than those offered by the airlines’ published fares.

CheapTickets Reviews - CheapTickets CEO Sam GaleotosIn 1999 Sam Galeotos was announced as CheapTickets’ president and Chief Operating Officer, and in 2001, he was appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. CheapTickets’ founder and former CEO, Michael J. Hartley remained as the company’s Executive Chairman. Before joining the company in 1997, Galeotos had more than 17 years of experience in the travel-technology industry. He worked as the co-CEO of Worldspan, a computer reservation system which serves the leading travel service providers in the world. He also held management positions in DatasLink Business Systems and Delta Air Lines, Inc. Galeotos is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School’s Advanced Management Program. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

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CheapTickets Reviews are a mix of positive and negative opinions from the customers. Most of them complain about having to wait for a long time on the phone to speak to a company/customer support representative for complains and confirmations, misleading price advertisements, no refund after cancellation, Some of the positive feedback given in CheapTickets Reviews compliment the company for having great and reasonable prices, tickets that are quick and easy to buy, and good travel packages/deals.

CheapTickets Official Website

CheapTickets Reviews - CheapTickets Website

The Website allows customers to view travel options/deals and book hotels, flights, car rentals and other packages offered by the company.  It also provides answers for the frequently asked questions by customers.

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Contact number: 00 1 312-596-5786
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States

To sum it up

This company receives a mix of positive and negative CheapTickets Reviews from individuals who have used their services before. One thing you can do before booking your reservations with this agency or any other company, is to terms and conditions, reviews, and other related information to guide you in making your decisions. Surely, a few minutes of reading these few(sometimes not so few) pages will be less harmful than paying for extras and hidden charges. Read and be smart in organizing your next adventure.


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