Planning a trip abroad is no easy feat –especially when you’re going with a group of friends or family. There are a lot of things you needed to plan and prepare from the itinerary to the flight bookings and hotel reservations. What makes it difficult is the amount of time you spend on planning it with a lot of variables that can make the turn of events bad.

This is the main reason why many travelers just hire online travel agencies like FlightHub to make arrangements for them. OTAs often offer almost the same service, but what makes them different is the kind of customer service that they have. As a traveler, I will be looking for a reliable OTA that will work seamlessly and make my trip as hassle-free as possible. The travel agency should be easy to talk to when you contact their chat and email support as well as when you call them. Hence, when something happens in your flight –changes in flight schedule, delayed flights, etc., their customer service should got your back.

FlightHub Customer Service Review

FlightHub is originally a regular travel agency in Canada almost two decades ago to cater to the needs of their clients. Now, they also joined the race of online travel agencies. Their website is user-friendly, you can easily browse the cheapest flights all across their 400+ partner airlines and hotels worldwide. They also offer hotel accommodations, tours, car rentals, and even cruise trips. With the easy access to their services, you can finish your transaction in under 10 minutes.

Their customer service hotline is available for your urgent concerns and inquiries. There are mixed reviews about the customer service. Some say that the support is efficient since customer service representatives pick up calls immediately and they provide email and chat support for their clients. Some argued that the customer service was not that efficient. The best way to find out is to try calling their hotline yourself so you’ll have an idea how fast they respond to queries.

Sometimes, there will be unforeseen events during your scheduled flight, like delayed flights due to the inclement weather or moved schedules for connecting flights. When delays happen, airlines will most likely to prioritize those who purchased tickets on their websites with the regular price. Don’t worry about rescheduled flights, while there’s chance that OTA ticket buyers will be at the back of the line for rescheduled flights, clients will still be accommodated by the airline –especially when the delay is because of uncontrollable circumstances.

Also, if you’re traveling in groups, make sure you and your company have prepared everything you needed –from passports and visas, plane tickets, to your hotel accommodations. Seek the assistance of desk agents so you can sit with your companions during the flight.

FlightHub customer service review verdict: FlightHub ensures the stress-free travel of their clients. Advantages and disadvantages are present in availing of their services –just like in any other OTA.

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