Do you like traveling without spending a fortune? Of course, you do! Who doesn’t? A decade ago, an overseas trip may cost you more than you’d like. Thanks to the internet, travel businesses now have a way to provide cheap tickets to a wider audience. Online Travel Agencies like Expedia, Kayak, or CheapOair are some of the most famous sites that travelers visit in search of budget flights. Now, FlightHub joins that list. While not as well-known as the three aforementioned OTAs, this website can offer some of the most low-cost tickets that you can get today. So let’s begin our newest FlightHub Reviews 2018!

An introduction to FlightHub

FlightHub is an online travel agency which initially served Ontario, Canada 20 years ago. Before joining the OTA industry, they started as an offline travel agency. The company decided to enter the web by creating an online platform which is now known as They aim to provide the most budget-friendly travel essentials like airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, and cruise ship tickets to everyone around the world.

While not as popular as Expedia and others, this somewhat obscure website still manages to surpass other similar websites in terms of customer service and pricing.

The FlightHub website

FlightHub Reviews 2018 FlightHub Website

Now let’s have a look at their website. If you frequently buy tickets from airlines and third-party travel agencies, you’ll be very familiar with’s layout. On top of their homepage is a section which allows you to select the goods that you need. Namely: flights, hotels, and cruise trips. Select whichever one you need and the fields below it will automatically change to suit your selection. These fields allow you to input your location, your destination, your departure date, your arrival date (in the case of a round-trip flight), and you can also choose the flight class of your choice. This section allows you to specify if you’re traveling with infants and children.

Scroll down and you’ll find some of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Visit their FAQs page to view some very useful information. Here, you’ll learn a lot about their services, from fees to booking cancellations.

I encountered a glitch on their website. Sometimes, when I open it on a different computer, the car rentals option would vanish. If I checked it on my phone or a different PC, the option would be there. I am not sure what causes this as I’ve already tried clearing my cache, switching to private mode, and even opening the website on a different web browser.

Aside from the glitches above, I find no major flaw in Their current features work well and have a quick loading speed. Often, the pricing is good though there are times when other OTAs would show slightly cheaper rates.

FlightHub reviews 2018 from their customers

With thousands of verified customers, finding the latest FlightHub reviews isn’t very hard. I gathered a few of the newest reviews I can find from TrustPilot and Feefo, two of the most popular brand review websites today. Check out the customer services attached below.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews 1

Below are some more FlightHub reviews 2018 that I found on

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews 2

Some reviews, however, complained about inconsistent pricing when a page is refreshed. Other people also had complaints about the flight itself, like the one below.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Complaints

I find it funny when people comment this because it’s definitely the airline who is at fault. FlightHub has no control over the quality of service that you receive from the airlines. If you are unsure whether to book a flight from an airline, we suggest that you take a look at online customer reviews to give you some helpful insights.

FlightHub contact information

If you have any inquiries, concerns, comments, or suggestions, kindly give FlightHub a call or a message through the details below:

Our verdict on FlightHub

Choosing an online travel agency is a challenge. With so many options, it’s often hard to choose the one that would suit your needs. FlightHub is a great OTA that helps you book flights and other travel needs if you’re the type who likes convenience. The ticket prices are also a huge plus, but please note that they aren’t always going to give you the cheapest price 100% of the time. If you’re on a flexible schedule, we suggest that you check other departure and arrival dates.

Overall, FlightHub is a reliable online travel agency which can give you more bang for your buck.

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