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Origins and Ownership

The HappyTrips: Travel Guide app guides travellers from all over the world towards the best experiences to get the most value for their trip. From informing them about the weather so they can plan their itinerary to providing in-depth information and photos on points of interest to organising an itinerary for your stay, the HappyTrips: Travel Guide app has got your whole trip in the bag.

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Our latest HappyTrips: Travel Guide app reviews take a look at the app’s main services and features and what its users think of them. We hope that these HappyTrips: Travel Guide app reviews help.

Services and Features

HappyTrips: Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 screenshotHappyTrips: Travel Guide app has more than 100 travel guides on the world’s destinations by local experts. These guide you around the best restaurants, hotels, places to visit, and nightlife in the area. Some of the themes of these content are the following, according to HappyTrips: Travel Guide app reviews: romantic, adventure, wildlife, hill stations, historical, religious, and beaches making it easier to find something you’re interested in.

Cities have travel tips and fast facts and weather forecasts so you can understand what to do depending on the weather. When staying in a place for a certain time, you can avail of the HappyTrips: Travel Guide app’s 24-, 36-, or 48-hour itineraries so you can cram in the most activities when in a particular city. Also, you can extend your activities to the weekend, planning great weekend getaways from the major cities.

You can view the travel guides on a map view or check out the photo gallery representing the cities on the HappyTrips: Travel Guide app. The points of interest include contact and other information, along with ratings and reviews from fellow travellers, experts, and other travel websites. You can search for points of interest nearby hotels and restaurants or hotels and restaurants nearby certain points of interest. HappyTrips: Travel Guide app users can share the places they had been to with family and friends and review their own experiences.

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Reviews of Customers

477 HappyTrips: Travel Guide app reviews on their Google Play page gave the app a rating of 4.2 out of 5. 5-star HappyTrips: Travel Guide app reviews wrote it’s a “Wonderful app for ‘ghumakkads’ and the one who has hunger to learn and explore new things. Kudos!” and ‘I find this app is the most informative and can be very helpful in planning vacations.” People generally liked the service, calling it a “most comprehensive” app that provided good guidance.

How To Reach Them?

Useful and Convenient Travel Guide

HappyTrips: Travel Guide App Reviews 2017 brand logoWhen travelling, the HappyTrips: Travel Guide app can really help you zero in on a great place to stay or what next to do. Working as a great trip organiser and travel guide, the app’s numerous features make it a comprehensive travel companion.

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