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Initially, Hipmunk was founded in 2010 by Mr. Adam Goldstein and Mr. Steve Huffman. Hipmunk is one of the leading online travel agencies nowadays. Do you wonder what Hipmunk means? For the logo itself shows a chipmunk. Accommodating customers’ Agony is their key to success. You’ll understand why along the way; let’s take a tour with Hipmunk!

Hipmunk Reviews-Adam Goldstein

Adam Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein, is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and full-time travel nerd graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He published “The Missing Manual: AppleScript” as young as 16 years old which was his first masterpiece before Hipmunk

The other one, Mr. Huffman, is a 31-year-old web developer and the current Chief Executive of the social networking website, Reddit.

Hipmunk is competing with some of the travel agencies like Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, and Kayak. This year, Hipmunk had raised $20 M in funding, and Ashton Kutcher is one of their investors.

Hipmunk has won the award for World’s Leading Flight Comparison Website since 2013 until this 2015 at the World Travel Awards.

With Hipmunk Services and Mobile App

Hipmunk provides customers the option to search flights either one-way or roundtrip, hotels and vacation rentals, car rentals either pick-up or drop-off from the same location, and the latest package deals up to 60% off. Customers are allowed to change their country of origin at the top right of the page, with options like Belgium, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, and United States.
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The top-visited destinations are also shown in Hipmunk to educate customers of places they might want to visit in time. Each suggested place gives hotel recommendations for their stay.

A live chat support is located at the bottom right wherein customers get to talk to a live agent. If they are not available, an option to just email is given in which customers are asked to type in their name, email, and concern.

Hipmunk Reviews-mobile appAgony, Hipmunk’s service, helps customers find hassle-free flights by comparing not only the price but also the duration and number of stops for each flight into one single factor. This kind of searching is not yet copied by other agencies because Hipmunk’s Agony is an original. Agony is the service asset of the company.

Hipmunk has a mobile app up for their customers’ mobile phones. In this mobile app, customers are entitled to the same services as Hipmunk for PC, such as the following: searching flights, hotel reservations, and car rentals. The app is included on Time’s 50 Best iPhone Apps.

Hipmunk Reviews of Customers

In this Hipmunk review, the online travel search engine is really painting a good picture, however, most of the reviews are full of doubt and suspicion. One reviewer said, “If a website is magically finding you fares for $375 when everyone else is $850, you just know something is wrong.” And, another reviewer said, “I tried to book with the website Hipmunk pointed me to and as soon as you give your billing data, it cancels the booking and shows you the proper price. Some error in Priceline, then, I suppose.”

How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                 www.hipmunk.com
  • Contact Email:               contact@hipmunk.com
  • Head Office Address:    434 Brannan St., San Francisco, CA 94107, USA


To sum it up. Hipmunk is really good at this kind of business. Having a child genius as the Founder and CEO is really a big factor of their success. The usual agony of booking flights online is made easier by a wonderful chipmunk named “Hipmunk.”

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