Is traveling your passion? Are you interested in experiencing the Canada’s service quality? If you do, then you should know about FlightHub. This Ontario-based online travel agency allows you to book flights, hotel accommodations, cruise trips, and even car rentals to different countries around the world.

In this post, we will answer the question ‘Is FlightHub legit?’ As someone who buys my own tickets online—talking to travel agents has never been my thing—I will review their service quality to hopefully give you a useful insight about this OTA.

FlightHub: history, company, and more


As per their website, FlightHub has been in business for more than 20 years. Their services were initially only available to people living in Canada before they launched their website and online business. For many years, they developed a strong local customer base. As the internet grew bigger, the company decided to extend their reach to the international market.

WIth their original team of travel experts, they reached out to web developers that helped them develop their website. Now, they continue to serve customers both within and outside of Canada. The company continues to expand their services to this day.


Security is a major factor that customers need to consider before doing business with any company, be it online or offline. In the case of FlightHub, no reports nor security complaints have been made as of today. This is a great thing considering the number of customers that they have.

FlightHub prides itself for the creation and maintenance of their infrastructure. This gives them an extra level of security in terms of data handling. If you’re booking your flights via the website or app, you can rest assured that your information is safe. Still, I suggest you make sure that you are connected to a trusted network lest you risk giving away your information.

How FlightHub works

How FlightHub Works

You may be surprised to see how affordable FlightHub’s prices are. This is because FlightHub has made alliances with 400+ airlines and thousands of hotels. They continue to make these partnerships with car rental companies and other travel-related businesses, though the number of these connections are not yet specified.

These connections give them access to exclusive discounts and promos. Some of them come from unsold tickets, making them a lot cheaper.

Why FlightHub is a good choice for travelers

The company promises to provide the cheapest travel options, the fastest e-ticket delivery, and the most intuitive website and mobile app. I can see that FlightHub is striving to achieve this promise as they have some of the most budget-friendly airline tickets among other online travel agencies today.

Various review websites also show how well-received the company is. Online reviews, comments, and recommendations tell us that the company is doing something right, and this ultimately pleases the consumers.

The downsides of using FlightHub

It’s important to keep in mind the this company is a reseller, not a direct supplier. If you experience any inconvenience like delayed flights, bad hotel service, and others, you cannot complain to FlightHub as this is no longer under their power.

Another thing, FlightHub is an online business and as such, they can be prone to technical issues. Some customers claimed that prices can sometimes change without prior notice. A problem that is prevalent in nearly all OTAs today.

Our verdict: is FlightHub legit?

Yes. As far as customer service, legalities, and pricing goes, FlightHub is just as legit as the biggest ticket resellers that we have today. This OTA may not be the best for people who like collecting airline points, but for those who love to travel and would like to have access to:

  • Exclusive promos

  • Limited-time discounts

  • Access to affordable ticket prices

  • Reliable customer service

  • Convenient online travel booking


Then FlightHub is the perfect choice. Visit their website at

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