The world is immense and brimming with fervor. The individuals who look to extend their viewpoints look into world travel as one of their ways to achieve this objective. In any case, people still believe that such a leisure activity is principally held for the prosperous, or if nothing else, the individuals who have plenty of cash saved in their banks. This outlook has, for quite some time, been invalidated by a new breed of people–those who travel with a tight budget.

In today’s online travel agency review, we’ll discuss This OTA is headquartered in the US and wants to make travel a more economical hobby that is open to everybody. Is JustFly legit? In this post, we’ll assess this organization through their administrations, client audits, and general convenience.

JustFly: About the company

Is JustFly legit - About JustFly

JustFly offers the four of the most common traveler necessities, namely: flight bookings, hotel room bookings, cruise trip tickets, and even car rental services from different countries around the world. The US-construct organization has been in business as since February 10,2014 and has helped large numbers of clients throughout the years. As per their site, JustFly aims to be the online travel agency with the least expensive tickets. The company claims that its main goal is to be the budget site for explorers searching for the most fundamental travel needs while giving employments to the world’s best travel specialists and web developers.

JustFly’s system

Is JustFly legit - How JustFly works

JustFly utilizes a system that that is highly similar to the ones used by other online and offline travel agencies. The company develops partnerships and agreements with various carriers around the globe. These partnerships allow them to receive to the latest promotions and ticket rebates. JustFly has banded together with 400+ airline carriers and a large number of accommodation businesses. Just as of late, JustFly collaborated with various auto rental administrations as well.

What you have to know is that JustFly is a travel aggregator. This implies that while they sell travel tickets via online booking, they have no immediate authority over the services that you will receive from the airline, hotel, cruise trip, or car rental company. Thus, before you book with JustFly or any other online travel agencies, it would be best to learn more about the supplier before finalizing your decision.

What customers think

Is JustFly legit? To answer this question, it’s essential for us to look at what their previous customers have to say about the company’s service quality. Below are some of the latest JustFly reviews that I gathered from various customer review websites. These reviews will highlight the things that you can expect to receive from Have a look.

Is JustFly legit - JustFly Reviews 1

It’s a good place to buy tickets as we can compare many flights, it saves our recent search history so easy to access anytime and everything is good about it. But somehow, when I was finalizing my bookings, the price was displayed $291 including taxes and all applicable fees but after booking, the receipt shows the price of $315. I didn’t get this scenario. So the website can improve here. Thanks.

Is JustFly legit - JustFly Reviews 2

I have been traveling back and forth from Georgia to Iowa for over two years and I swear these flights get much more expensive but not this time I actually got a great deal I’m super happy.Thanks Reseller (

Is JustFly legit - JustFly Reviews 3

I just used JustFly for the first time. I booked a multi-city international trip. It was very easy to use and I was able to get a reservation on a major European airline for $600 round trip. When I tried to get the same flights on that airline’s own website, the price was $2000. The only difference I can see is that I don’t have reserved seats on JustFly.

I’d love to know how they do this!

Is JustFly legit - JustFly Reviews 4

Website was easy to manipulate and questions that I had were easily answered. This was my first time using them so hopefully they will come through with everything else.

JustFly: Is this online travel agency legit?

JustFly’s cheap travel prices are surprisingly real. In any case, what makes JustFly all the more exceptional is the means by which they influenced travel to be a less financially-demanding avocation.  People who love budget deals and convenient transaction processes would be inclined to use this company. In the event that you don’t incline toward purchasing from outsider travel distributors, perhaps this site isn’t for you. So, is JustFly legit? Based on the company’s credentials and customer review, I would say yes. JustFly is a legit online travel agency.

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