Frugal travelers know that finding a flight ticket within your budget is euphoric. Air travel is getting cheaper, but that doesn’t mean everyone can afford business class. With online travel agencies (OTAs,) you’ll save money and spend less time waiting for that cheap ticket. In today’s post, we give you JustFly Reviews 2018 — an in-depth evaluation of this popular OTA. So before you book that flight, read this first!


JustFly is an online travel agency who provides budget-friendly flight tickets, hotel accommodations, car rental services, and cruise trips all around the world. The use their website as a platform to reach the international travel consumers. As per their website, they claim to offer the above travel essentials at the lowest price.

The JustFly team is made of travel agents, customer service agents,  and software developers that work together to find the cheapest flights, maintain their website, and provide support to their customers. The company is also partnered with more than 400 airlines, with Delta, Air France, United, West Jet, Emirates, Lufthansa, Tap Portugal, and Spirit to name a few. Their goal is to provide a fast and convenient way of booking travel tickets to everyone in need.

Their website

JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Website

JustFly’s website provides a familiar user interface. It’s got their booking portion located right on top of their homepage, which is similar to the layout of other OTA websites today. This section is highlighted by a vibrant sunny beach background and overlaid with the main booking section.

Choose whether you need flights, hotels, cars, or cruises and the input boxes below will automatically adjust to fit your selection. For example, if you choose flights, just type in your starting point, destination departure date, arrival date, and the number of passengers that you’d like to book. Before hitting the green search button, be sure to indicate whether you’re looking for a round trip, a one-way, or multi-city flights. Also, specify if you’re flying with children and/or infants to help give you relevant results.

JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Website 2

You will find a series of thumbnails and text located below the booking section. Click one of these and the page will automatically scroll up to the booking section again. Notice how the fields are adjusted to fit the city/location that you selected.

Definitely visit their Support page here to help answer your questions. Giving them a call is good too, but you may have to wait for several minutes before connecting to a live JustFly travel agent.

I personally like the simplicity of their website. Everything is simple and well laid out. One thing that I thought was missing was a map feature which also shows worldwide flights along with their prices.

Their mobile app

JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Mobile App

It’s also worth noting that JustFly released a mobile app for Android and iOS. If you like booking your trips via mobile and if you like getting alerts for discount tickets, just download the app here.

The app offers the same services that their website has. From flight tickets to cruise ships, you’ll find everything at your fingertips.

JustFly reviews 2018 directly from the customers

Customer reviews are a major part of learning about a company’s service quality. In this part, we will take a look at the latest JustFly reviews which I gathered from different review sites. I made sure to look for comments that were made by verified customers to make sure that their reviews are legitimate and appropriate.

JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Customer Review 1

Below are some more reviews from TrustPilot.

JustFly Reviews 2018 JustFly Customer Review 2

Based on the reviews that I’ve read, JustFly is a legitimate online travel agency with reliable services. Of course, systems aren’t always 100% performance. Some people complained about not receiving their confirmation email immediately after booking, some had trouble with their credit cards not being accepted, and others said that customer service can be slow. I suggest that you check with the airline or supplier directly after making a booking. This will make sure that your transaction via JustFly has been successful.

Contact details

If you have any inquiries, concerns, or suggestions, below is a list of JustFly’s contact information.



Taking into account the JustFly reviews 2018 found online, the functionality of their website, their customer service reviews, and their ticket pricing, we’ve come to a conclusion. Online travel agency services have greatly improved over the years. JustFly is no exception. With its budget-friendly ticket prices, expanding network of airline partners, and a growing customer base, it’s no surprise why many people are choosing this OTA over any other travel giants. JustFly is a great platform for those who love to travel without going over their allocated budget. The customer service is excellent, and the website features are just as good.

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