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To be honest, when we first took a look at JustFly, there wasn’t enough information or company background to state that they are legit. We know it’s not right to start a review with all the negative things about a company, but, this is how are we going to do it for JustFly. The travel site deserves all the best for last. Steer clear of JustFly’s intentions.

As we go further, we found out that JustFly was founded in 2014 by David Linkletter, two years ago. The newborn travel company was built by young travel experts who are eager to provide travel information and assistance to other travellers. Being one of the most-visited sites this year, JustFly is confident with their mission and vision. They were globally recognized as a Canadian travel site that provides low-cost tickets worldwide.

Let’s take a closer look at JustFly.

How Does JustFly Work?

JustFly’s theme color reminds me of Facebook for some reason. Compared to JustFly’s old web page, the website had been focused on development since. Personally, I would prefer using JustFly more than SkyScanner, Kayak, or Expedia for a simple reason. JustFly’s domain is easy to use and informative.
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This Canadian travel agency has four core values: Passion, Innovation, Execution, and Dedication. JustFly can be used in three steps. Search, Compare, and Book. The main page is mostly maximized by the option to search from over 440 airlines around the world. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, the bottom part of JustFly will give you inspirational destinations you can look forward to. JustFly had kept their promise to be unique. They don’t compare prices based on other travel sites; rather, they filter results directly from airlines and hotels.

JustFly Reviews of Customers

Judging through the JustFly reviews we read online, this travel site almost had a perfect score. Customers who had been using JustFly for more than a year keep appreciating the development of the online travel agency. JustFly is so good at doing business that even when they make a mistake, they admit it and try their best to fix it. Not all travel companies have this attitude; most of them ignore customer complaints, while JustFly uses them to enhance their service.

The most recent review posted on Trustpilot was from a frequent customer who just booked with JustFly for his second trip. He was amazed with how JustFly’s system works and was, moreover, looking forward to book his next flight with them. On Feefo, JustFly got an almost-perfect rating score.
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How To Reach Them?


JustFly now has a travel app ready to be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play Store. The travel site, one of the leaders in providing legit exclusive deals, had been recognized for being the most user-friendly travel agency for 2 years. I can also assure you that this site is reliable, since the main reason why I wrote this review was a request by my cousin, a JustFly customer.

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