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The founders of Orbitz in 1999, Steve Hafner and Paul English, were also the founders of Kayak in 2004, which was initially headquartered in Delaware, USA, and known as
“Travel Search Company, Inc.,” wherein later that year the name was officially changed to “Kayak Software Corporation.”
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A kayak as we all know is a small narrow Eskimo canoe boat made from covered skins with a small opening in the center which moves by using a double-bladed paddle. Someone even said that “KAYAK helps you navigate the complicated waters of travel planning.” But, during an interview, Mr. English said that there was no deep reason or symbolization behind the name; they really just liked how KAYAK looked and sounded, as simple as that.

How Kayak work?
It’s noticeable that Kayak looks like a social media site but it’s not, because it’s a travel site that caters services to search and compare hotel reservations, flights, cars, and packages. The red notification with a number is quite catching the customers attention; when I hover my mouse, it appears to be a function where Kayak offers travel assistance where travelers can check their flight status and manage their trips.
The majority of the page takes up the access to other travel sites’ offers and deals, and also shows at the later part of the page that Kayak is part of The Priceline Group like Booking, Priceline, Agoda, Rental Cars, and OpenTable. This is located right below the language selector.Kayak Reviews-mobile-app

Kayak had also expanded their services through mobile phones. The travel app of Kayak was once known as the No. 1 mobile travel app rated overall by customers. Kayak mobile app’s functions and features are similar to its website version.

Kayak Reviews or  Complaints
When I tried to look for Kayak reviews, all I see are asking me to stay away from them, avoid them, or don’t even try using them. I wonder why it’s even showing “Top 64 complaints Kayak.”

Kayak Reviews-complaintsAnother reviewer said he was in a hospital the day he was supposed to leave. He figured he would still be, so he called Kayak a day before the dated departure to let them know of his situation. He even bought trip insurance, but every time he called back after every procedure, Kayak gave different instructions on how to proceed. They gave a complete run around, and it was ridiculous for him.

He ended the review by saying, “Next time we will make flight reservations through the airlines directly even if we have to pay a little more. They are just so much more helpful. These websites do not provide the value they once did.” These Kayak reviews only prove that they are inconsiderate.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                  http://www.kayak.com
  • Contact number:            (203) 899-3100
  • Fax Number:                   (203) 899-3125
  • Head Office Address:    7 Market Street Stamford, CT 06902, United States

Overall Thoughts
Judging through most of the Kayak reviews I read, the online travel agency is inefficient and inconsistent in the service they are providing; they might be getting more customers every day but also losing loyal customers on the other hand. I think, Kayak should look into this matter at least by answering and saying sorry to customers who are unsatisfied with Kayak’s deficiency.

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