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This is not a review about a fruit or a native New Zealand bird. Kiwi is a travel site which is popular nowadays. On Reddit and Facebook, Kiwi is one of the major ones trending in the travel category. You might be wondering why every time you hear about Kiwi, the name “Skypicker” tags along. The best explanation to that is: Skypicker, which was established in 2012 as an online travel agency, recently was rebranded to “Kiwi.” Now, it gets more interesting as to why they had to change the name.
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Kiwi initially started with nothing but 2 guys in a basement, brainstorming about a travel site that will provide customers the cheapest deals from their selected location and destination. Since, Kiwi had grown; they now have more than 500 employees working on the same vision and mission. The team of Kiwi is composed of wanderlust and passionate individuals, which has been their asset for the past 4 years.

Customers who had a booking with Skypicker shouldn’t worry; though the name was changed, they are still Skypicker and they will carry on the deal as it was booked with them. Even after rebranding, Kiwi had promised to provide the cheapest exclusive offers that will lead to customer satisfaction. Let’s probe further into Kiwi.

How Does “Kiwi” Work?

Kiwi is a dedicated travel company which aims to provide not just the best deals but also customer satisfaction, which had been one of the reasons they are on top. Their customer service, which is exceptional, had lead them to where they are right now. While navigating Kiwi, the site is quite straightforward. The main page directly gives travellers the access to search and be inspired. Moreover, if the customer doesn’t have a specific travel destination, they could just put “Anywhere” to get suggestions.

Kiwi is an international travel site, which means the version can be changed from country, language, and currency. The domain of Kiwi is versatile; it even provides an updated Google Map view of the search made. Basically, the web page looks like a flexible mobile and PC version. To grasp more about Kiwi, travellers should toggle the three parallel lines at the top right which serve as the menu bar.

Even if that’s how Kiwi was designed, they still have a mobile app for customers who want to access Kiwi on their smartphones as an app, not through the browser. The mobile app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Kiwi Reviews From Customers

If you recall, earlier in this review, we mentioned about Kiwi being a topic on Reddit. Well, it’s not actually the kind of positive popularity. Infamously, Kiwi is being bashed by travellers online. This is because of the experience they had with Kiwi. Customers are starting forums regarding Kiwi’s fake deals and hidden charges. What’s scarier are the low-cost airlines mentioned as the bookings’ air carriers, but later, one will appear to be a non-existing airline in the world. On Trustpilot, Kiwi also has several complaints piled up.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact Number:          +1 202 844 4159 (US)
                                              +44 203 808 5910 (UK)
                                              +1 613 699 4479 (CA)
  • Contact Page:        
  • Head Office Address:    Bakalovo nabrezi 2, 639 00 Brno, Czech Republic


Kiwi Reviews-kiwi

Kiwi is well-polished physically with their web page and mobile app. But, after researching reviews and feedback of customers, you’ll get really anxious about booking with them. It is still best to research before actually making a booking online. And, do not confuse Kiwi with Kiwi Travel.

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