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Media strategy consultants of Spectrum, Lady Lane-Fox and Brent Hoberman, were colleagues and they are the ones who founded Lastminute in 1998. The travel company was wise from foundation to flotation wherein Lastminute was able to raise a further $31 m from seven new investors. In short, Lastminute is a public travel company which was world-renowned for its last-minute deals. Are they still at the top? That’s what we ought to find out.

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How Does Lastminute Work?

pageThe layout of Lastminute is actually simple and easy to navigate. To be honest, it looks like a PC and mobile version in one site. Maybe that’s how they picture the purpose of their main page. Plus, the background video that shows different destinations in the world while people are in motion along with nature adds to the total package of Lastminute.Lastminute Reviews-mobile-app

I don’t understand what’s the point of the design or layout if Lastminute has a mobile app. Yes, Lasminute has a travel app available in the App Store and Google Play Store. The travel app lets customers search, compare, and book with just a few taps. But, judging through Lastminute reviews  on the App Store and Google Play Store, users are complaining that the overall functionality of the travel app is defective and doubtful. The app keeps freezing; in some cases, they need to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app to get it to work.

Lastminute Reviews of Customers

If you are not aware, there was an incident that happened involving Lastminute which attracted the attention of the media especially BBC Radio 4’s consumer affairs programme, “You and Yours,” in January 2008, and the consumer pages of the Daily Mirror in July 2008.

Lastminute Reviews-angry manWhat really happened? Lastminute pulled in much criticism on consumer sites and blogs regarding their association with highstreetmax, a brand owned by Adaptive Affinity, as claimed by US organization Vertrue. Lastminute was blamed for subjecting clients to negative choice offerings, whereby in the event that they click or don’t uncheck a specific box they find later that they were liable to unauthorized credit card withdrawals for enrollment plans they didn’t agree to, whose subtle elements they were not prompted about, and whose gathered advantages they didn’t see.

This had really affected the travel site’s standing until the most recent time. In 2015, Lastminute had an overall score 1.5/5-star rating from almost all commenting sites. Since, allegations continued due to accusations that Lastminute kept doing it. For example, some repeated credit card charges were reported or sudden and unexplained cancellations of booked flights.
Lastminute Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact Number:             0800 083 4000 (operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
                                                +44-845-8697527 / +1-407-215-9866
  • Help/FAQ:             
  • Fax Number:                   +1-407-215-9866
  • Head Office Address:     The Johnson Building, 77 Hatton Garden, London,
                                                EC1N 8JS, United Kingdom


Lastminute had held really bad accounts ever since the criticism happened in 2009, and this took a huge toll on their credibility as a travel site. Most of their loyal customers had switched to other online travel agencies without infamous issues in fraudulent actions. Maybe if Lastminute will work on their service and customer service, they might have a good shot in the travel market.

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