Developments in technology has brought about significant changes in way we do things; making life a little easier in performing routine tasks we do every single day to occasional tasks that we try to accomplish, like organizing a party for a friend or booking flights for the next holiday. Booking flights and hotel rooms nowadays have become much easier compared to how it was done some years ago. We no longer have to go around looking for a travel agency that can provide a flight and hotel room that is agreeable to our schedule and allocated budget. Now, we can easily book hotel rooms and flights through different online travel agencies and travel apps without leaving our homes or offices.

Flighthub is an online travel company based in Ontario, Canada. It is one of the country’s fastest growing company providing travel services online. It is comprised of a team who have been providing Canada’s travel needs offline for more than 20 years. This team has skilled software engineers and travel experts who developed a software to make the travel process easier and less time consuming for their clients.

The App’s Services and Features

Flighthub App Reviews 2017 - Flighthub appFlights

Flighthub’s technology combines thousands of flight options to find the most affordable combinations for their clients. Their systems are updated every now and then in order to offer sales, promotions and discounts from different companies that have partnered with. The Flighthub app allow clients to access an interactive seat map and book their desired seat(s) ahead of time. Once the booking is completed, an e-ticket to their respective accounts. The team also negotiates with different companies in order to offer the best possible prices, so clients can save more when they book with Flighthub.


Flighthub has more than 900,000 hotels, condos, and apartments that their clients can choose from. It also has an interactive map feature to help the clients pinpoint the locations for the nearest and perfect hotel for them. Clients can also search for a hotel by entering the neighborhood, nearest landmark, name of the hotel and other details on the search bar. If they can’t make up their minds on which hotel to book with, they can browse through 80 million customer reviews to help them find one that they can trust.

Car Rental

With Flighthub, clients can also get car rental services so they won’t have to worry about how they’ll get to their destination from the airport. Flighthub has more than 30,000 international car rental locations that they can choose from in order to go from one destination to another in over 170 countries. Using the app, clients can choose from companies like Enterprise, AVIS, Hertz, Dollar, Sixt, Budget and several others to book their car rental services.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Here are some Flighthub App Reviews submitted by their previous clients.

Flighthub App Reviews 2017 - customer reviewsFlighthub App Reviews 2017 - customer reviews Flighthub App Reviews 2017 - customer reviews


How To Reach Them?

To wrap it up…

In this Flighthub App Reviews 2017, we can see that the app offers good services and provides a wide selection of flights, hotels, and car rental options that clients can choose from. The app has additional features that clients can’t do when they’re using the website. Additionally, it works well for both Android and iOS, making it easier to access and complete bookings conveniently.

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