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A Brief Introduction

Traveloka App Reviews brand logoTraveloka is an official partner of the IATA or International Air Transport Association. It is a travel service with a Traveloka app that provides fast booking of cheap flights and hotels. They promise that you can complete your travel planning within a minute, with the most travel choices and less stress and confusion.

Traveloka App Reviews CEO

Traveloka CEO Ferry Unardi

Born in Padang, Indonesia on January 16, 1988, Mr. Ferry Unardi who serves as Traveloka’s CEO, founded the Indonesian flight and hotel booking website along with Derianto Kusuma. Unardi graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) (Hons), Mathematics and Computer Science from Purdue University and from Harvard Business School with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Discover More About the Service

Traveloka App Reviews screenshotTraveloka app had recently upgraded their services to better serve their customers. As with other flight booking apps, you can manage your flight ticket planning based on your preferences; and, reschedule flights with most countries and airlines. Now, other types of accommodation such as igloos, treehouses, and caves are soon to be offered on the Traveloka app.

The main services of the Traveloka app are special app-only deals, notifications on cheap flight and hotel special promotions, and real-time discounts on hotels. The Traveloka app’s prices on their flights and hotels include all surcharges and airport tax (PSC). Searching and booking, as the Traveloka app promises, up until the reception of your e-ticket or hotel voucher, can be accomplished within a minute with TravelokaQuick.

Be smart when booking. When searching for a round trip ticket, select those airlines marked with “Smart Combo” to save up to 40%.

You can download the free Traveloka Flight Ticket and Hotel Booking app for Google Play and the App Store from their official website.

Comments From the App’s Customers

Traveloka App Reviews app userOn their Google Play page, the Traveloka app reviews gave the app a 4.⅗ rating. However, some of the most recent Traveloka app reviews were negative. One of these wrote that her online booking was completed though the hotel didn’t see her booking; since, she’d been waiting for her refund.

Another of the Traveloka app reviews even wrote: “Very bad response apps and service centre, low rate this apps.” There are many complaints about various aspects of Traveloka app’s services – from their payment to their ineffective updated app to their system failures and slow loading.

How To Reach Them?

Find Out What we Think

Traveloka App Reviews brand iconThe Traveloka app is one of Indonesia’s main travel services, though their Traveloka app reviews depict the most telling problems. It’s discouraging to see these Traveloka app reviews. After reading several of them, we are hesitant to download this app as they seem to be a waste of time and space. They had upgraded their services, though they’re still acting up when you use them.

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