5 Awesome Floating Attractions

Yesterday, we talked about the 5 Best Small Towns of Germany. Today, we’ll still take you to another level up with the 5 Awesome Floating Attractions. Now, this list is not residential houses, but literally destinations that you can visit.

1. Coeur D’Alene Resort Golf Course
5 Awesome Floating Attractions-coeur-dalene-resort-golf-course

Calling all golf players and lovers. You’ll surely love this first attraction on our list. To get directly to the point, it’s obvious: a floating golf course. This is unique golfing with a twist not just because it’s a par-3 located in a massive lake, but because it actually moves. Americans take an advantage, since this amazing golf course is located at the Coeur d’Alene Resort in Idaho, USA. So if you miss the hole, you will miss the ball as well, forever.

2. SS Ayrfield
5 Awesome Floating Attractions-ss-ayrfield

Just so you know, this floating forest found in Homebush Bay, Sydney, had naturally made its way to be a tourist attraction to travellers and photographers since SS Ayrfield is a 102-year-old abandoned ship during World War II which serves as a transporter of supplies to American troops in the Pacific and was built in England in 1911. It was abandoned after the ship’s registration was cancelled and sent to its current location. It is known nowadays as a floating forest for its 40-year bunch of full mangrove trees over the partly submerged piece of metal home.

3. Bregenzer Festspiele
5 Awesome Floating Attractions-bregenzer-festspiele

This floating stage of a music festival held every July and August on Lake Constance, Austria, had attracted more than 7,000 tourists annually to witness the commencement of the opera-format feast from the beginning to ending. Throughout its long history, the Austrian festival has built some of the most amazing designs ever seen on stage: an artistic and logistical effort to create a new project every two years, set in the beautiful landscape around. This image is not the permanent structure shown annually. To see more of these, click here.

4. Archipelago Cinema
5 Awesome Floating Attractions-archipelago-cinema

Move away Netflix and Chill. Here comes a better way to catch a movie. Loners, Couples, and Relatives. Imagine you are watching a movie while being surrounded by the beautiful turquoise waters and breathing in natural fresh air. This floating cinema found in Thailand is an auditorium raft designed to float on the sea by a German-born but Beijing-based architect Ole Scheeren. If you’ll ask me what will be the best movie to watch here? Of course, those shark attack movies or anything related or mostly shot on the sea.

5. Floating Eco-Hotel
5 Awesome Floating Attractions-floating-eco-hotel

Book a hotel accommodation, relax, and traverse the Amazon River. This floating hotel answered all your wishes. The environmentally-friendly experience was made true by a Peruvian architect named Jordi Purg. The hotel can accommodate up to 32 guests (2 in each of its 16 rooms). A lush lounge, an exercise room, and an outdoor Jacuzzi also made their way into its design. The 147-foot boat also takes guests to the remote and beautiful area in Peru.

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