5 Best Music Festivals in South Africa

Jeremy Loops is one of South Africa’s superstars. If you know him, then we’re good. But, if you don’t have any idea how awesome this guy is, then you should definitely Google about him. The South African singer’s album actually was considered the No. 1 album on iTunes (in South Africa). Not enough? No worries, this article isn’t about him; it’s about love for music and appreciating it in South Africa.
5 Best Music Festivals in South Africa -jeremy-loops
Tell me someone who doesn’t love music and I’ll kill him. Of course, every one of us has their own favorite music from several genres. But, how about joining a music festival? Music, celebration, fun, new friends, sharing of passion: these are the few things you could gain just by attending a music festival. Now, let us help you to list down the 5 Best Music Festivals in South Africa!

1. Splashy Fen
5 Best Music Festivals in South Africa -splashy-fen

Go to Underberg, Kwazulu-Natal during March 24–27 of the year. This has been the country’s longest-running music festival. Just imagine this 26-year old celebration which is composed of four stages with original music lineups. This event is actually a bomb just about ready to explode every March. If you miss this year’s amazing line up, there’s always next year. But, never miss next year’s lineup! To find out what you’ll be expecting, click here.

2. Parklife
5 Best Music Festivals in South Africa -parklife

Visit Marks Park, Johannesburg on April 16 of the year; the celebration from 10:00-21:00 is a must-attend festival in South Africa. Given the urban music and lifestyle, the music festival focuses on cultural and quality international music, and also promotes the country’s originals. The event has three stages and markets from local farmers. This is two birds with one stone: music festival and South African taste of culture. Of course, we prepared this link for you, so you won’t miss what’s up next year.

3. AfrikaBurn
5 Best Music Festivals in South Africa -afrikaburn

You know where to travel? Of course: at Stonehenge Farm, Tankwa Karoo National Park. When? Every April 25–May 1. Don’t ask me why because we are already halfway in this article about music festivals. Yes, if you are counting using your fingers, the celebration is for 7 days or a week in short. There are things you need to know about this event. It’s not just about music. Passion and art are part of the event: art making, burning activities (not literally the destructive one), and more performances. Say no to bonfires for now and make sure to keep in touch with what to expect next year; click here.

4. Rocking the Daisies
5 Best Music Festivals in South Africa -rocking-the-daisies

Head to Cloof Wine Estate, Darling during October 6-9 because a massive party occurs there annually. When we say massive, we really mean it: massive line up, massive colorful tents, and more. Everything is just about being massively happy while attending this music festival. People get to wear fancy dresses; imagine bohemian hippies. The spirit of the party is alive. You definitely missed this year, but you should definitely be part of it next year. Follow their site, click here.

5. Synergy Live
5 Best Music Festivals in South Africa -synergy-live

Last on our list is at Theewaterskloof Municipality, which is an hour outside of Cape Town. This is on November 27 till the 29th. Do you want to have the time of your life? Then, you are the right list and at the right event. You are not yet too late for Synergy Live. A few weeks from now, you will surely dance the night with this multi-stage festival endorsed with Bacardi. Just imagine a beach bar of Bacardi. After reading this, plan your visit and have fun! Here’s a parting gift: the link to their official site, click here.

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