You have been travelling every now and then. But, have you ever wondered if there is a way to prevent some of the common problems you have on board? Sometimes, you can’t avoid feeling bad while in flight, depending on what you consumed before actually boarding. Avoid these eating fiascos and be aware to prevent jet bloating.

In this article, we gathered the 5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before Flying. It is better to be aware, one less problem. This could also prevent yourself from jet lag.

1. Fast-Food
5 Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Flying-fast-food

I know food from McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC could be really tempting. And, we also know that  you aim to be full for the next hours because you hate airline meals. But, believe me, you are doing it wrong. Most of us don’t know that digestion is harder for your digestive system when you are at 35,000 feet above. Then, you intake fast food, which are hard to digest. According to studies, eating immersed fat will affect your normal bloodstream. You might not want to get a heartburn or an upset stomach while on board.

2. Carbonated Beverages5 Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Flying-carbonated beverages

Of course, it will be a smart move to avoid those gas giants. As we mentioned earlier, your body being high up in the air gives a lot of pressure, and taking a lot of soda or carbonated beverages might cause intestinal expansion and result to bloating. Moreover, some healthy food can make you feel like an overfilled balloon such as onions, lentils, and cauliflower.

3. Garlic
5 Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Flying-garlic

Aside from the most obvious reason of body or mouth odor, this delicious food lingers and contains sulfur compounds that are normally being ingested to your lungs and circulatory system. So, if  you are planning on garlic bread or garlic pasta, save yourself and your seatmate from the terrible odor from garlic. Please!

4. Alcohols
5 Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Flying-alcohol

Yes, I mentioned it’s a food list. But, let us put this into consideration, since it’s strictly essential for you to know that alcohol is a no-no for most occasions. We know that vodka or beer might give you the refreshing quenching thirst feeling, but it won’t actually do the job. Later on, you’ll feel dehydrated again. Just imagine alcohol consumption plus airplane air pressure. The sum? Hungover when you land. I bet you don’t want to feel bad when you arrive at your dream vacation.

5. Sugar-Free Gum
5 Foods You Shouldn't Eat Before Flying-gum

Fifth on the list is something unnoticeable and uncommonly-known by frequent flyers. We know that you are bored and you want something inside your mouth all through the flight, but a piece of gum is not a good idea, especially those sugar-free products since some of them contain counterfeit sweeteners which often lead to bloating or worse: a laxative effect. You might not want to spend your planned flight in a small lavatory. Be aware, read the label.

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