5 Paradise You Need to Discover
Aren’t you tired of the usual travel destinations you see online or offered on travel agencies? Correct me, if i’m wrong. Boracay? Maldives? Hawaii? Vanuatu? Santorini? What else? Paris? Come on, the world is too big to be stuck with the most mainstream tourist attractions. You should definitely see more of the world’s wonders. Today, we’ve gathered the 5 Paradises You Need to Discover for you to enjoy and be amazed of what are the things you are missing in God’s masterpiece.

1. Caye Caulker
5 Paradises You Need to Discover-caye-caulker

Belize as one place not always mentioned holds one of the best and undiscovered paradises in the world. Caye Caulker will make you go naked and feel the nature with your bare skin. Why not? Breathe in the natural fresh air which isn’t just found in any destination in the world. This has been the most favorite stop of sailors for fresh cork water bottles. Get lost in the sun with its laid-back atmosphere.

2. Sardinia
5 Paradises You Need to Discover-sardinia

The region in Italy where seas reign, where some sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: take the voyage now to Sardinia, the holiday paradise known as the island of treasure. Imagine fragrant flowers, rich marine life, picturesque and Instagram-worthy sites, and peaceful landscapes. It’s a continent in midget size. Experience the crisp of their original cuisines and culture. It takes more action than words to actually know what we are talking about. Don’t hesitate with this paradise.

 3. Lizard Island
5 Paradises You Need to Discover-lizard-island

In Australia, there’s a lost paradise that had been minimally discovered by tourists. Wanderlusters  even are glad to actually travel to this island. Lizard Island has a name that doesn’t attract like how Hawaii sounds. However, the place is more than just a name. As we know, Australia has several white-sand beaches and several luxury suites. The island is actually situated next to the Great Barrier Reef. But, to be honest, the paradise is not open for public use and that’s to preserve its beauty. Only the very fortunate few will get a chance to step on this well-preserved natural wonder.

4. Mali Bok

5 Paradises You Need to Discover-Mali Bok

This beach is 10 km away from the famous country of Croatia. If you don’t know Croatia, then you definitely don’t know what you are missing in your life. Mali Bok beach is in Croatia. This is the home of the rare bird, Griffon Vulture. If you love to take narrow roads or walk downhill steep streets, then you are at the right place. The beach has pebbles and some areas have sandy parts at the shoreline. Everything is natural, neat, and unpolluted: just perfect for a natural getaway.

5. Palawan

5 Paradises You Need to Discover-Palawan

I know we just mentioned that Boracay was mainstream, but did you ever know that in the Philippines, the most beautiful island resides? The top island and Asian destination in the world for years won’t back down. Yes, it’s natural as well. If you are a lone traveller, then this is an advantage and a perfect time for you to seek refuge. Be one with nature. Besides, Philippines has a lot to offer other than Palawan or Boracay.

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