It is an anime enthusiast’s dream to go to Japan and visit the popular places where they can find rows of anime stores, maid cafes, and other anime themed attractions. To help you plan your next trip, here are some of the most popular Anime Theme Parks and Museums in Japan that you shouldn’t forget to include in your itinerary.

Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum

Anime Theme Parks and Museum in Japan - Doraemon Museum

Informally known as Doraemon Museum, the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum shows the works of the famous mangaka who created the long running and influential Doraemon series. The museum is a place where visitors can explore where Fujio’s concept emerged from and to present the pleasures of manga writing by displaying his original pictures. The museum has a manga reading room, an exhibition room with Fujio’s original pictures, a theater room where visitors could watch exclusive films, a cafeteria, a souvenir shop and a field where guests can meet some of their favorite manga characters. Doraemon Museum is located at Kanagawa Prefecture in Kawasaki City.

Ghibli Museum

Anime Theme Parks and Museum in Japan - Ghibli Museum

The Ghibli is the animation and art museum showcasing the works of Miyazaki Hayao’s Studio Ghibli. Designed in the distinct style of the studio’s feature length films, the Ghibli Museum houses some of the characters, including a life-sized robot from “Castle in the Sky” sitting in the rooftop garden. The first floor exhibits the history and techniques of Studio Ghibli and a small theater showing short movies made by Ghibli that are exclusively shown in the museum. Other facilities at the museum are the following: a cafe, gift shop, children’s play area and rooftop garden. The museum is located at Inokashira Park in Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan.

Suginami Animation Museum

Anime Theme Parks and Museum in Japan - Suginami Animation Museum

Suginami Animation Museum or SAM, located at Kamiogi Suginami-ku, Tokyo,  exhibits a chronological display of how anime started and developed through the years. Visitors can have a look into the process of creating celluloid animation through images and replicas of working desks used by anime directors, graphic directors, and artistic directors. Animation enthusiasts and other visitors can experience making digital anime. SAM’s library has a huge collection of visual and printed materials on animation and interviews of different anime creators.

Gundam Front Tokyo

Anime Theme Parks and Museum in Japan - Gundam Front Tokyo

Gundam Front Tokyo is a store and museum themed after the well-loved Gundam franchise. It occupies three different sections if the Diver City Tokyo Plaza Mall and the museum is located at the seventh floor of the mall. Visitors can do small workshops at the Gunpla Labo and check out the different galleries and stores. Guests are also invited to try their Gundam themed food and drinks at the Gundam Cafe. This theme park is located at Diver City Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo One Piece Tower

Anime Theme Parks and Museum in Japan - One Piece Tokyo Tower

Located directly below the Tokyo Tower is the One Piece Tower, Japan’s first large-scale One Piece theme park. The theme park marks the 15th anniversary of the anime. Carnival-type games and One Piece sculptures and displays are exhibited in the theme park. Visitors can also join Chopper’s Thousand Sunny Tours to watch a live action stage show which uses projection mapping or dine on One Piece Food. Guests can also visit the different attractions of the museum: Luffy’s Endless Adventure, Zoro’s Soul of Edge, Franky’s Park, Robin’s Finding Ponegliff, Nami’s Casino House, Brook’s Horror house, Ussop’s aim sniper King and many other.

That ends this list of Anime Theme Parks and Museum in Japan that you should definitely visit when you go there. We hope that you enjoyed reading and found this article helpful. Mata ne!

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